Adam Cater - games design student at City of Wolverhampton College

Adam Cater – games design


After working as a healthcare assistant after leaving school, 21-year-old Adam Cater decided to put his interest in computer games to good use and signed up for the Level 2 diploma in games design in September 2020 and has now progressed to the Level 3 diploma. 

Adam said: “I love playing computer games and wanted to learn how they’re made which will lead me to my dream job as a games programmer in the future. 

“After applying for the course I had an admissions interview and was given the option to go straight on to the Level 3 course but I opted for Level 2 so that I could start at the beginning and build up my knowledge as I go along. 

“So far I’ve learnt about new games design applications and programmes, but also about the importance of researching a game before developing it to make sure no-one has already done the same thing, as well as the marketing and promotion side of the business – I’d never thought of any of this before. 

“When I started the Level 2 course I was quiet and anxious if I was asked a question by tutors, but they make sure everyone is engaged and arrange one-to-one sessions to find out how you’re getting on and to support you mentally – this was very helpful to me as it allowed me to become more comfortable and active in the class which, in turn, enabled me to learn more. 

“I feel more confident and outgoing now and after finishing the course I want to go to university to gain more skills and extend my knowledge further. 

“If you have the desire to learn to get your dream job it’s never too late to start – I’ve been there so I know what it’s like.”  

Games design student Adam Cater, wearing a black hoodie embroidered with the college logo, in yellow and white, on the left side

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