Art and design student Keri-Leigh Price - City of Wolverhampton College

Art and design student Keri-Leigh Price


Seventeen-year-old Keri-Leigh Price opted to study art and design at college as, if she’d gone into the sixth form at school to do A Level art, she would have had to do an additional two subjects which she didn’t want to do. 

 Keri-Leigh, who is studying for the Level 3 diploma,  said: “If I’d had to do three A levels it would have been a waste of everyone’s time, so I chose college so that I could concentrate on the subject that interests me. 

“There aren’t as may rules at college as there are at school – you’re treated like an adult and so become more independent, and tutors allow you interpret their assignment requirements in a creative way rather than telling you what to do.  

“It’s important that you pick a subject and way of studying that’s suitable for you, rather than being persuaded to stay at school by teachers – coming to college was definitely the right decision for me.” 

City of Wolverhampton College student Keri-Leigh Price - art and design

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