Bricklaying students Frank and John Lengyel

Bricklaying students John and Frank Lengyel

16 Apr 2023
Frank & John Lengyel - L1 bricklaying
Frank & John Lengyel - L1 bricklaying

Brothers Frank and John Lengyel are following in their father’s footsteps after completing the full-time Level 1 diploma in bricklaying.

Frank, pictured right, aged 30, said: “We’ve both worked in the industry for many years and have learnt lots of skills from our dad, but it was important to us to build on our basic knowledge and gain an industry-recognised qualification.

“The tutors were really supportive and took our existing skills and knowledge into account so we only had to attend college one day a week, rather than three, which meant we had more time on site to do practical work and improve our skills.”

John, aged 27, added: “When you learn on-the-job you don’t learn the theory about why things are done in a certain way. By coming to college we’ve gained that knowledge which we’ve both found really useful and it gives us something to refer back to in the future.”

And the brothers’ new-found skills and knowledge have impressed their dad too!  Alan said: “Frank and John’s work reflects on me and my business so what they do has to be right.  I’m very happy with what they’ve learnt at college and am confident to send them out on jobs and leave them to work on their own now.”

Having completed the Level 1 course, Frank and John will be starting the Level 2 diploma in bricklaying in September.