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Chloe-Ann Price – Motor Vehicle

16 Apr 2023
Chloe Ann Price Motor Vehicle
Chloe Ann Price Motor Vehicle

Chloe-Ann Price developed a love for cars through her family’s ownership of banger racers. She has a passion for racing herself and wants to develop skills in automotive so that she can work on her own cars when she races herself. 

She chose City of Wolverhampton College to define her future and is currently studying the Level 3 Diploma Light Maintenance and Repair to enable her to develop the skills and confidence to work in a garage in the future. 

Chloe said: “I am gaining knowledge from theory lessons to be able to diagnose faults and how to go about fixing them and also gaining the experience I need to be able to work in a garage environment. 

“I have more confidence than I did have at the beginning of the course and hope this will continue to develop so I am comfortable to work in a garage. 

“The tutors have been so supportive and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them – they give me the time I need to complete assignments and I have been able to work on them in the Study Hub before and after lessons.