Success story: ESOL student Kiranjeet Kaur

ESOL student Kiranjeet Kaur

16 Apr 2023

After being born in India and living in Italy for the last 10 year, 20-year-old Kiranjeet Kaur didn’t speak much English when she moved to the UK.

Having trained as a dental technician in Italy, she came to the college to enquire how to continue her training and was advised to do an ESOL course to improve her English first.

Kiranjeet said: Before I started this course I was too shy to speak in public and scared of making eye contact with people but that’s all changed now and I feel much more confident.

“Everything we do in class – such as little projects or working with other students – helps to improve our grammar and vocabulary and the tutor encourages us to listen to the radio to improve our listening skills too.

“After completing this course I hope to get an apprenticeship and continue my dental training – coming to college has made such a difference to me and the future is bright!”