Success story: ESOL student Rupinder Kaur

ESOL student Rupinder Kaur

16 Apr 2023
Rupinder Kaur - ESOL
Rupinder Kaur - ESOL

When 19-year-old Rupinder Kaur moved to the UK six months ago she spoke very little English, but since starting an ESOL course her confidence has improved and she’s also got a job.

Rupinder said: “I want to go to university in the future to study business management or accounting and I knew that I would need to improve my English skills first.

“The course has taught me how to speak politely and my reading and writing skills – such as grammar and punctuation – have improved.  I was very hesitant to speak before but now I feel happy confident talking in public and it gave me the confidence to apply for my job.

After completing the ESOL course Rupinder is hoping to progress to an accountancy course as the first step to gaining the qualifications she needs to go to university.