Former art & design student Nikoleta Ventsislavova - City of Wolverhampton College

Former art & design student Nikoleta Ventsislavova

16 Apr 2023
Former art & design student Nikoleta Ventsislavova
Former art & design student Nikoleta Ventsislavova

“Returning to education after being out of studying for a while was amazing,” said 24-year-old Nikoleta Ventsislavova who is now working as a visual merchandiser for a trendy furniture company in Bulgaria just a few months after completing the Level 3 foundation diploma in art and design at the college.

Nikoleta, who initially completed the Level 1 Award in interior design before progressing to the art and design qualification, added: “I love crafting and knew I wanted to work in the interior design field and doing the qualifications has developed my art and design skills greatly.

“The courses have taught me how to understand different concepts within the industry and interpret current trends within my work, as well as good presentation and time management skills, how to research, analyse and evaluate ideas, and identify, select and use appropriate media, materials and technology.

“I competed the Level 3 diploma in the summer of 2019 and, just a few months later, I’m working for KARE Design, which sells unconventional furniture, lighting and furniture accessories, and has stores in Germany and franchises across the world.

“I am currently a visual merchandiser for four stores in Bulgaria, but my ambition is to be part of the design team in Germany which is responsible for decorating all franchise shops, so I’ll get the chance to travel around the world.

“Throughout my course my tutors motivated me and helped me to be more productive and successful, and without them none of this would have been possible

“To anyone who thinks they are too old for studying, aren’t confident enough to do a college course, or won’t be able to achieve their dream, I’d say you shouldn’t think like that – the tutors know what they are doing and will teach you everything you need.”