Former motor vehicle student - and now Porsche apprentice - Luke Davies

Former motor vehicle student – and now Porsche apprentice – Luke Davies


“When I got the apprenticeship at Porsche I was ecstatic!” says 19-year-old Luke Davies whose motor vehicle qualifications have set him on the road to a great future career with the luxury car manufacturer.  

Luke, who joined the college straight from school and completed Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 diplomas, added: “I didn’t want to stop on at school and do A Levels as there weren’t any subjects that interested in me, so college was a far better option for me and Wolverhampton was by far the best for the course I wanted. 

“The course was three days-a-week , which gave me the chance to also get a part-time job and get experience of the world of work, and I was able to study for my maths and English GCSEs at the same time too. 

“Throughout my three years at college I learnt so much about the motor vehicle industry – from the basics about cars in Level 1 to more advanced work at Level 3 – and this gave me the confidence to aim high when I started applying for apprenticeships.  

“After doing online tests, application forms and telephone interviews with Porsche I was invited to three-hour hour interview with more written tests and a facetoface meeting – I was quite nervous but wanted to prove to myself I could do it and they were impressed with my qualifications and that I had a lot of knowledge before I started working there. 

“I have my own mentor and work alongside him on a one-to-one basis every day so learn things quickly, and I also benefit from working with technicians who have been in the job for years so I can benefit from their skills and knowledge too.  

“And, of course, I get to work on and drive some of the best cars I’ve ever seen – it really is a dream for me!  

“I gained some great qualifications whilst I was at college which helped me to get where I am today. And the tutors were fantastic – they always wanted us to do well and were so pleased for me when I got my apprenticeship. 

“I feel very lucky to be at Porsche – it’s a great place to work! I want to work my way up to become a Gold Technician and am willing to work as hard as I can to achieve my goal.”  

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