City of Wolverhampton College games design student Alyssia Bower

Games design student Alyssia Bower

16 Apr 2023
City of Wolverhampton College - Alyssia Bower - L3 games design
City of Wolverhampton College - Alyssia Bower - L3 games design

Studying for the Level 3 diploma in games design has given 17-year-old Alyssia Bower a new insight into the work that goes into producing online games. 

Alyssia said: “I’ve learnt so much since starting the course and when I’m playing games at home I now realise how much work goes into designing characters and functions – I always thought it was complicated, but it’s far more involved than I thought! 

“I’ve learnt how to make characters and use blue prints to give them function, as well as how to add audio and edit.  I’m currently designing a puzzle game and it’s a real achievement to see my ideas in the screen and a great feeling when it works the way I want it to! 

“As part of the course I got the chance to do work experience at Flix Interactive – it was great to see the games industry at work and to be involved in testing new games that will be played by lots of people in the future. 

“The last year has been challenging but fun and I’m proud of what I can do now – it was definitely the right decision for me to come here.”