City of WOlverhampton College games design student Ben Smith

Games design student Ben Smith

16 Apr 2023
City of Wolverhampton College student Ben Smith - L3 games design
City of Wolverhampton College student Ben Smith - L3 games design

Seventeen-year-old Ben Smith had wanted to learn about computer games from an early age so when he was thinking about what to do after his GCSEs he went along to a college open evening. 

Ben, who is studying for the Level 3 diploma in games design, said: “I spoke to one of the tutors, he showed me the classrooms and computer equipment, and I instantly made up my mind that I wanted to come here as it would enable me to do something I’ve always dreamed of. 

“The course covers graphic design, how to programme games, how to make new mechanics, and how audio is made and applied, and we’ve had the opportunity to design our own game from start to finish. 

“When I did work experience at games design company Flix Interactive it gave me an insight into how a gaming company works. I was involved in quality testing a new multi-player platform and it felt great to be able to share feedback and discuss how it could be made better. And what I learnt on the placement I can put into my college project too. 

Ben, who is hoping to progress to the HND in games development after completing the Level 3 qualification, added: “If you want to do something creative, look at college as there are more options and much better prospects than if you stopped on at school.”