City of Wolverhampton College games design stduent Rudi Jenkins

Games design student Rudi Jenkins

16 Apr 2023
Level 3 Games Development Student Rudi Jenkins
Level 3 Games Development Student Rudi Jenkins

“I didn’t like school, there was nothing there for me, “said 17-year-old Rudi Jenkins who is in the final year of the two-year Level 3 diploma in games design and is heading off to university in September. 

Rudi, who is going to Staffordshire University to study for a BSc in video games and film, added: “I never thought about going to university, but I’m excited about starting a new chapter and this course has certainly prepared me for the future. 

“Being able to work independently, work at my own pace and express myself has been good. I’ve designed two characters from the beginning and feel very proud when I see them on the screen – I feel like their mom as I’ve watched them grow! 

“Doing work experience at Flix Interactive was a great opportunity and it was amazing to see how improvements are made and what can be achieved when you work as part of a team. 

“A Levels aren’t the only way to get to university – there are other paths and it’s important that you choose the one that’s right for you. It’s been a great two years for me and I’m looking forward the next stage on my journey.”