City of Wolverhampton College GAP and LASER student Tianne Sealey

GAP and LASER student Tianne Sealey


“I didn’t enjoy school at all, said 17-year-old Tianne Sealey, “but I love college and can’t wait to get here every day!” 

After initially applying for a performing arts course but not having the required GCSE results, Tianne was advised to join the GAP scheme and she has since progressed to complete the Level 1 and Level 2 LASER programmes too.  

Tianne added: “The courses have improved my confidence and motivation, helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, and how to be more responsible for myself.  

“The course has also covered drug awareness, violence, and equality and diversity, and given me the chance to improve my maths and English too. 

“College is so different to school – you’re much free-er and can do what you want in a positive way. As the courses went on I could see how my mind was changing and how I was improving – I’m very proud of myself.” 

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