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Helen Famodimu Teaching & Education

13 Apr 2023
Helen- Engineering
Helen- Engineering

Helen Famodimu, an engineering tutor at City of Wolverhampton College, is currently combining delivering courses to students with studying for the Level 5 Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

Helen decided to pursue a career in teaching after wanting a career change from working in the engineering industry, and the Post Graduate Certificate in Education is providing her with the skills and resources she needs to excel.

When asked what advice she would give to anyone thinking about studying this course. Helen said: “The course will help you develop and build the skills you require as a 21st century teacher and equip you with the resources to build schemes of work which are centred on student development.”

Helen would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about a career in teaching. She added: “The level of support from the teachers and mentors and the development of the course means that you can measure your individual growth for the duration of the course. The skills learnt will also have a positive impact on your teaching and classroom management.”

When she has completed the course, Helen will continue her teaching career at the college, inspiring the next generation of engineers to go on to successful future careers.