Success story: IT student Winnie McCool

IT student Winnie McCool

16 Apr 2023
Winnie McCool - IT entry level
Winnie McCool - IT entry level

Winnie McCool came to college a few years ago to learn how to read and write and, since then, not only has she continued to improve her maths and English, but she’s just completed an entry level award in IT.

Winnie said: “When I went on to the next level of maths and English I realised that I’d need to use a computer in class and to do homework, so I signed up for the IT course to help me learn the basics.

“So much is done on computers these days that you need to keep up or the world passes you by.

“I’ve enjoyed learning new things and the skills I’ve gained will help me in my other classes too.

“It’s really important to carry on learning – it makes you more independent, gives you confidence and makes every day life easier.”

And Winnie still wants to learn more! From September she will be returning to college to do the next level of maths and English, as well as a further IT qualification.