Jade Webb - Access to HE Health - City of Wolverhampton College

Jade Webb – Access to HE Health

16 Apr 2023

Jade completed the Access to HE Course with City of Wolverhampton College last year. Jade then started university at Staffordshire University studying midwifery. With starting university and her placement in a pandemic.

Jade said “All my lectures have been online with one skills day thrown in November 2020 which was social distanced, and tons of PPE used. I must admit I was petrified of not being able to make friends in university, and even more scared about starting placement with a lack of skills. However, I have managed to make brilliant bonds with the girls on my course by joining groups with them on social media and talking on zoom chats! When I started community placement in December, I introduced myself and they really made me feel a part of the team, explaining things thoroughly, and really giving me bread and butter skills I will keep forever.”

In January 2021 Jade started on the Maternity Ward at New Cross Hospital where difficulties of COVID were most apparent. Jade said “The women have limited visiting hours with their partners and can be quite lonely for them. I worked several nights comforting women when they felt tired, low, or overwhelmed as sad as this is it made me feel like I was doing something so important and made me extremely proud of myself. The staff on the ward would always help me if I needed it and they always appreciate an extra set of helping hands. The access course at college gave me important background knowledge of so many things I learn about, and am grateful I paid attention.”

Well done to Jade in completing her Access to HE Course at City of Wolverhampton College.