Jeevan Singh - engineering student at City of Wolverhampton College

Jeevan Singh – engineering


“I like to be active and learn as I go along and this course is lots of hands-on work and a good way to learn,” said Jeevan Singh, who is studying for the Level 2 extended certificate in engineering. 

Jeevan, aged 18, added: “I want to go to university to do an engineering degree and chose this course to give me an overview of the different areas of engineering so that I can decide where I want to specialise in the future. 

“I’m learning machining, welding and the properties of materials, as well as how to use machinery such as lathes and milling machines, and the importance of health and safety, and am currently working from a schematic drawing to produce a round steel component on a lathe to a set specification. 

“I’d highly recommend the college to others as the tutors are really caring and want you to succeed and, because they’ve worked in the industry themselves, they can talk about their experiences and give advice on the best way to do certain tasks. 

“Young people are under a lot of pressure to achieve but anyone can do what they want to do – you need to work hard and adapt and if you find what you want to do it’ll be worth it in the end.”

Engineering student Jeevan Singh, wearing dark blue overalls, pictured in the engineering workshop at the Paget Road campus

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