Jenna Wilkins - counselling student City of Wolverhampton College

Jenna Wilkins – counselling

21 Mar 2023
Counselling student Jenna Wilkins
Counselling student Jenna Wilkins

33-year-old Jenna Wilkins works for the Samaritans and enrolled for the Level 3 diploma in counselling as the first step to becoming a counsellor in the future 

Jenna said: “I have been a Samaritan for a long time and like helping people, so I decided to retrain so that I can do something I am passionate about and listen and support others every day. 

“I currently work full-time so fitting studying around my job and other commitments has been a challenge, but my study day is my favourite day and I look forward to it each week. 

“The course has great practical elements that really help to apply the theory that we’re covering, and I’m enjoying learning new things, engaging with others on the course who share my passion, and pushing myself towards a career that I really want.  

“It’s hard going back into education after a long time – it’s been almost a decade since I last had to do essays and assignments, but they are given with clear guidelines and I am improving with every piece of work.  

“I have dyslexia, but am supported in every way possible – my tutor is approachable and has a real passion for sharing knowledge and challenging me to not only be a better student, but a better person, staff in the Study Hub are brilliant, and everyone is supportive and encouraging of my hopes for the future! 

“To anyone who thinks they’re too old to learn something new, I’d say it’s never late to try, find your passion and go for it. It’s okay to be scared but do it anyway – who knows what tomorrow will bring so do today what makes you happy!”