Josh Molloy - performing arts student at City of Wolverhampton College

Josh Molloy – performing arts


“I started performing when I was 14 and instantly knew that it was what I wanted to do,” said 17-year-old Josh Molloy who is studying for the Level 3 diploma in performing arts. 

Josh added: “I feel that I fit more into the format of college life than sixth form and, combined with the course I wanted to do, it definitely felt right to come here! 

“So far, I’ve learnt about different areas of performance – such as comedy, improvisation, dance techniques and naturalistic acting – as well as terminology and how the industry works. 

“And the course also teaches you a lot about how to get where you want to be in the industry and prepares us for the future as performers by instilling a professional mindset and approaching everything we do as if it was a professional audition or rehearsal. 

“We’re assessed by tutors throughout the course – for each module we’re assessed on our performance, terminology and written work, and during rehearsals we’re assessed on our rehearsal etiquette. And the tutors are there to support us in any areas we’re struggling with which definitely helps with progressing through the course. 

“On a personal level I’ve developed skills in teamwork and leadership and my confidence has increased as I’m surrounded by people who are as interested and invested in the course and performing as I am which makes it all the more enjoyable. 

“I’d say to anyone who thinks that to achieve your dream career you need to stay on at sixth form and go to university, that it depends on the kind of person you are.  If that route’s not for you there will be other ways to get where you want to be – and if you can find a way that works for you and you enjoy it, you’ll get there!” 

Performing arts student Josh Molloy, standign in front of a white background, wearing a black sweatshirt with the white and yellow college logo on the left side.

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