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Nick Potts – British Gypsum Site Ready Skimming Course

16 Apr 2023
Nick Potts - British Gypsum
Nick Potts - British Gypsum

Having left the army, 43-year-old Nick Potts decided to pursue a career in construction and, applied for the seven-week British Gypsum Site Ready Skimming course after seeing it advertised on the college’s social media channels.

The aim of the seven-week course, run by the college in partnership with British Gypsum Saint-Gobain, is to up-skill in plastering and skimming giving people a wider range of employment opportunities.

When asked what he thinks of the course Nick said: “The course is brilliant and it is aimed at the right level. The facilities are very good and tutors are spot on.”

As part of the step into work all participants get the chance to attend interviews with job agencies specialising in recruiting employees for construction companies.

Nick said: “It’s unusual that at the end of a course you are guaranteed interviews but it’s a great idea! The opportunities after this course are endless –  you get out what you put in.”

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