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Nohlan Inseque – media


18-year-old Nohlan Inseque wants to pursue a career in the media industry and enrolled for the UAL Level 3 diploma in TV, film and radio to give him the UCAS points he will need to go to university to do a degree in film production. 

Nohlan said: “College is different to school in that you get more time for independent study which enables me to get on with my work whilst also giving me the time to explore different methods of doing tasks. 

“I’ve learnt how to produce, direct and edit my own short films, documentaries and podcasts, as well as how to produce high-quality academic pieces of writing such as my multi-cam production and documentary modes reports. 

“After I’ve finished at college I plan to go to university and do a course in film production where I will gain the knowledge and contacts I need to work in the industry. 

“I’d say to any young person who is thinking about what to do in the future to think about what their end goal is and everything they will need (or not need) to get there.”  

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