Paulina Patzova - A-level student at City of Wolverhampton College

Paulina Patzova – A Levels


30-year-old Paulina Patzova is proof that it’s never too late to change career and follow your dreams after coming to college to study A-levels as a mature student. 

Paulina, who is doing A-levels  in chemistry, maths and physics and wants to do a degree in astrophysics at university, said: “I have always been fascinated by the night sky, but as a teenager I didn’t have the opportunity to follow my passion so I studied business and worked in various professions over the years. 

“But my interest in space and science never faded – in fact, it grew – and I realised it’s never too late to change career and pursue my dream, but that I would need to improve my skills and knowledge before going to university. 

“The most important thing I’ve learned is critical thinking which helps me solve everyday problems and think about the information that is presented to me. And I’ve also learned how to test ideas, critically evaluate arguments, perform experiments, and interpret results. 

“I’ve found it easy to settle in – everyone is very friendly and the supportive and encouraging environment made me feel welcome and even more determined to learn and constantly improve. 

“College helps with personal development, provides better career opportunities and is a great foundation for further education, as well as adult life – coming to college is one of the best decisions of my life!” 

A-level student Paulina Patzova, wearing an orange coat standing in front of a banner with the college logo in yellow and black

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