Ravina Dhooper – A Levels - City of Wolverhampton College

Ravina Dhooper – A Levels

10 Aug 2021
Picture of a student
Picture of a student

A big congratulations to 24-year old Ravina Dhopper for achieving such amazing A Level results after having returned to education from working full-time.

Having achieved an ‘A’ in Psychology, ‘B’ in Sociology and a ‘B’ in Art & Design, Ravina will continue to pursue her dream career in psychology (working with children with mental health issues) at the University of Chester.

Ravina said: “When I started college I had everything possible against me, but I managed to get these grades despite all of that.

“It goes to show if someone like me can do that with all those issues than so many other people can do the same.

“There’s always support in college if you need it and you definitely need that especially with what’s happening in the world at the moment.”