Simran Rhoad – Early Years Services Foundation Degree - City of Wolverhampton College

Simran Rhoad – Early Years Services Foundation Degree

25 Sep 2022
Black square with the words Student Story in capital letters in the middle
Black square with the words Student Story in capital letters in the middle

Simran Rhoad has just completed the Early Years Services (Childcare) Foundation Degree and is now progressing to do a top-up course at the University of Wolverhampton which will lead to a BA (Hons) in Childhood and Family Studies. 

Here’s what Sirman had to say about the course… 

“Doing the course was course a commitment to continue with my passion for lifelong learning and working with inspiring children and it has enabled me to have big aspirations and not limit my career options. 

“It has enabled me to link my practice and studies together and the modules I studied have given me a purposeful outlook on education, children, society and how I play my part to advocate for inclusion in my role, which has made me and more informed and competent professional. 

“During the pandemic I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to support myself through online learning, however the content available and the extent of resources was great, and for me, the pre-recorded lessons were a turning point as I was able to pause and make notes and go at my own pace so that I understood each module. 

“I received ongoing support from tutors, I felt ‘heard; when I communicated with them, all my emails were answered, and I felt comfortable asking questions. They were also positive, empathetic and encouraging to other students and went above and beyond to support us both academically and personally. 

“I am now going to do a top-up course which will lead to a full degree and hope not only to support children but advocate for inclusion, SEN and families, and I believe this course will enable me to go further in my career and can do the same for my peers.  

“No matter your age or background, the course and tutors will support and guide you through whatever your academic goal may be.”