Work placements are an integral part of our students’ courses, giving them hands-on, real life experience of working in their chosen field and the opportunity to put the skills and knowledge they’ve been learning in the classroom into practice in the workplace and learn on-the-job from experienced industry employees. 

As an employer, providing work experience is an opportunity to help in developing the workforce of the future, benefit from students’ up-to-date knowledge and skills, and have enthusiastic and motivated young people as part of your team during their placement. 

In addition, providing work experience means that you’ll have access to an upcoming pool of potential employees when you’re looking to recruit in the future, and it is also an opportunity to up-skill your existing staff by giving them the responsibility of supervising the student during their time with you. 

Students will have been prepared for their placement during lessons and will have covered important employability skills such as timekeeping, communication, appearance and travel arrangements 

They will be eager and willing to show you what they knowdemonstrate how they can use their skills to complete any tasks they are given, and keen to learn more about what working in the industry is really like. 

Where possible, a work experience co-ordinator will visit students in the workplace during their placement to monitor their progress and discuss any concerns they may have and, as an employer, you will be provided with the co-ordinator’s contact number should you need to speak to them at any time.  

The college has had really positive feedback about work experience from a wide range of employers and some have been so impressed with their placement students that they have offered thean apprenticeship or paid employment with the company on completion of their qualification.  

We work with a wide range of companies – from small local businesses with just a few staff large international organisations employing thousands of people – and, whatever size the company, each placement offers a real-life insight into working in the relevant industry. 

Our students have benefitted from work placements in a wide range of companies –including small local businesses, public sector bodies and multi-national organisations – but, whatever size the company, each placement offers a real-life insight into working in the relevant industry. 

If you would like to be part of a group of employers wanting to inspire young people, maximise their learning opportunities, discover new talent and raise the profile of your company to the next generation of employees, we’d love to hear from you. 

To find out more, and discuss how to go about providing work experience opportunities, contact the work experience team on 01902 837190 or email