Andrew Platt – engineering apprentice - City of Wolverhampton College

Andrew Platt – engineering apprentice

17 Aug 2022

Andrew Platt – engineering apprentice

“An apprenticeship is always good for a career and brings you into the working world and grows you as a person,” said 31-year-old Andrew Platt, an engineering apprentice at stainless steel and aluminium manufacturer Syspal Ltd in Broseley.

Andrew, who is studying for the Level 3 diploma in fabrication and welding as part of his apprenticeship, added: “I chose an apprenticeship as I was already working at Syspal and leaving to do a full-time college course wasn’t an option for me.

“I am learning to weld and fabricate to a high standard, developing my engineering skills, and working to better myself everyday and produce a high standard of work.

“I feel like the training is developing me as a person, improving my confidence and helping me get further in my job role.”

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