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Once you’ve decided that an apprenticeship is for you, you’re just six steps away from combining earning and learning by working for an employer with studying for a recognised qualification at college.

APPLY – Apply online or by visiting one of our open events held throughout the year

MEET THE RECRUITMENT TEAM – you’ll be invited to college to meet the recruitment team who will support you with your application and help match you to the apprenticeship vacancies available.

APPRENTICESHIP JOBS – if you haven’t already done so, register with the National Apprenticeship Service, the job store for all apprenticeship vacancies.

SKILLS ASSESSMENT – employers want to help your succeed in their business so they will need to know what your level of maths and English is. You’ll be invited to college to do an assessment – this isn’t to catch you out, it’s to support you in achieving your future goals.

INTERVIEW – when the recruitment team has matched you to suitable apprenticeship vacancies, the employer will invite you for interview.

SUCCESS? – if you impress the employer at the interview and they wish to offer you the job you’ll get a phone call from either the employer or the college recruitment team to give you the good news! Once you’ve accepted the job, one of the recruitment team will meet with you and your new employer to complete the necessary paperwork, explain how you’ll  be assessed, and when you’ll start your qualification at college.

If, after the interview, the employer decides not to offer you the job, don’t worry! The recruitment team are here to support you and will continue to work with you to improve your interview skills and match you to more vacancies in your chosen industry.