Becky Bowden - business administration apprentice - City of Wolverhampton College

Becky Bowden – business administration apprentice

09 Feb 2023

29-year-old Becky Bowden did a Level 2 business administration apprenticeship back in 2014 and has recently started the Level 3 apprenticeship to further expand her skills and knowledge. 

Becky, who works for Complesso which provides supported-living services, said: “When I was at school I knew that doing A Levels wasn’t for me and I did an apprenticeship so that I could learn and have money and have the ability to decide what I wanted to do in my own time. 

“On my current apprenticeship I’m learning various project management skills and how to manage the whole process from start to finish, and I’m re-learning how to make really cool Powerpoint presentations! 

“I work in the recruitment and compliance team and my duties include interviewing staff, sending off for DBS checks and references, chasing training, managing our social media, creating documents and I’m now in charge of our company newsletter too! 

“I have regular catch-up meetings with my assessor and whenever I email for feedback I usually hear back straight away.  For my end-point assessment I have done a presentation on introducing e-Signature software to the business and feel quite confident about it. 

“School constantly pushes that university is the only way to your dream career, but it’s ok to not want to go, look into an apprenticeship instead.”