Hannah Jones - business administration apprentice - City of Wolverhampton College

Hannah Jones – business administration apprentice

17 Aug 2022

Hannah Jones – business administration apprentice

“My confidence has grown massively throughout my apprenticeship. I can comfortably talk to clients and make them feel welcome, as well as help resolves any issues that they may report,” said 21-year-old Hannah Jones, a business administration apprentice at estate agent Berriman Eaton.

Hannah, who is working as a lettings agent for the business, added: “I have always been interested in property, and wanted to pursue a career in the industry and chose and apprenticeship to get first-hand experience, as well as learn skills from others and how I can interpret these in my own role.

“As I’m actually in the work place I’m gaining experience of how to talk to clients and deal with certain issues and given me an understanding of what the role of letting negotiator invovles.

“And I’m also learning how an estate agent works, the different laws and regulations we have to follow in order to comply with government rules any why these are so important, how the rental market works, the different aspects of letting of a property and the importance of stakeholders and other aspects that affect the business.

“I attend college every three weeks and my assessor visits me in the work place to check on my progression and highlight any areas where I need to improve. At the end of my apprenticeship, as part of my end point assessment, I will be required to give a presentation on an area of the business that I feel could be improved and I feel confident about doing this thanks the knowledge and skills I’m gaining during my training.

“I’d encourage anyone to do an apprenticeship to get experience of working with colleagues and clients  in the workplace.”

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