The College is Open!

The College campuses are open and we want you to feel safe while on site. Here’s what we’ve done to keep our students, apprentices and staff safe:

Stay Safe at College - COVID Measures

We have completed a comprehensive risk assessment and following this, has made significant adjustments around all College campuses. 

We are confident that by working together, we can continue to provide a safe environment for you. The College urges everyone to follow measures that have been put in place.

Temperature checking will take place on each entrance. If you have a high reading you may be asked to return home. 

Where possible, the College has implemented a ‘safe flow’ to move around all College campuses in a safe way.  

Entrances and exits may be different. Please read signage to guide you to the right point.  

We ask for your patience where queues may form, and at times you may need to queue up outside when entering so that appropriate checks can take place. 

Our aim is to ensure you are safe whilst on site and studying, therefore we have taken the decision that face coverings will be expected to be worn at all times.  

You are asked to wear on entry, moving around the College and in classes. Face masks will be available to purchase.  

This applies to all staff, students and apprentices. 

We will look to work with any staff, students and apprentices who are unable to wear face coverings due to underlying health conditions to be easily identifiable so challenge will be appropriate. 

The College encourages students, apprentices and staff to regularly wash hands following the latest government guidance.  

Hand sanitiser stations have been provided and should be used on entry and when moving around the College. 

All areas and rooms will be cleaned before use. Enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented with a focus on high-traffic areas such as toilets, handrails and door furniture throughout the day. Cleaning stations are being provided to support cleaning communal resources such as PCs and printers. 

There is increased signage reminding students, apprentices and staff of hygiene practices. It’s important that everyone plays their part in supporting a clean environment. 

Students and apprentices will also receive briefings as part of the start of College. This will include guidance on cleaning and use of items/equipment when you are in class.  

‘Grab and Go’ food and drinks will be available to purchase but this facility will be cashless. Monies can be loaded on to your College ID badges for easy payment.  

Vending machines will be available and cleaning facilities will be provided to support use.  

Existing water fountain points have been replaced with foot operated ones for safe use. 

Transport West Midlands have issued a guide for students traveling by public transport which give advice on staying safe.

I am ready to start College, where do I order my uniform / kit from?

You can order your uniform / kit online. CLICK HERE

Started College and Missed the Principals Welcome?

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