Ravina Kaur, Travel and Tourism Level 2 - City of Wolverhampton College

Ravina Kaur, Travel and Tourism Level 2

19 Apr 2024

Ravina Kaur, 33, is thriving as a Senior Travel Consultant, working in one of the biggest travel agencies in the country. She aspires to become a Travel Manager in the future and credits the college for giving her a head start in the industry.

Ravina said: “Working as a Senior Travel Consultant, my current role is very varied. I help clients research and obtain travel itineraries based on their needs, I help with foreign exchange and the banking and handling of money, and I help to update our social media channels with up to date information. My favourite part of the role has to be when I get the chance to travel to a variety of destinations with suppliers to ensure the destination, hotel and airline are suitable for our clients. If you have been somewhere, it helps so much because you can walk the customer through the journey.

“Back when I was studying on the Level 2 in Travel and Tourism, over 14 years ago at the college, I was able to take part in workshops which used actual travel systems. Knowing those systems really helped me get to where I am today and opened up so many travel opportunities.

“Going to college helped me so much with my career; teaching me a lot of practical skills. Thinking about your future can be scary, however putting yourself first should not be. The college helped me to become the person I am today, and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their employment opportunities for the future.”

Ravina recently won the Travel Weekly Cover Stars for 2024, which enabled her to travel to Montenegro with other travel consultants from around the country. Read about Ravina’s trip here.

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