Former business administration apprentice Kayleigh Myers

Former business apprentice Kayleigh Myers

16 Apr 2023
Former business apprentice Kayleigh Myers Image
Former business apprentice Kayleigh Myers Image

In just five years 21-year-old Kayleigh Myers has done a hairdressing qualification, completed a GAP programme, been an apprentice in a solicitor’s office and at Wolverhampton City Council, achieved Level 2 and Level 3  qualifications in business administration and is now working as an admissions administrator in the college’s Student Hub. 

Kayleigh said: “I loved hairdressing but wasn’t able to continue due to an allergy to some of the products so had to have a change of plan.  I had developed some customer service skills talking to clients and booking appointments by phone so decided to put them to good use and follow this career path instead.    

“I was quite shy so signed-up for a GAP programme to increase my confidence and employability skills and then gained an apprenticeship in a solicitor’s office which enabled me to work and get paid whilst also studying for the Level 2 extended certificate in business administration at college. 

“After completing Level 2 I still wanted to carry on learning, so I gained a further apprenticeship in the housing department at the council and studied for my Level 3 diploma in business. As part of my qualification I did work experience in the college’s Student Hub and knew straight away that this is where I wanted to work in the future– when the admissions administrator vacancy was advertised I applied for it and when I was offered the job it was like a dream come true!    

“I’d say to any young person that if you focus on what you want to do in the future and work hard to get your qualifications anything is possible.”