Success story: Former travel and tourism student Joseph Harrison

Former Travel and Tourism Student Joseph Harrison

16 Apr 2023
Former Travel Student Joseph Harrison
Former Travel Student Joseph Harrison

Studying Travel and Tourism at college opened up a whole world of opportunity for twenty-seven-year-old Joseph Harrison.

Joseph, who now works as a teacher in China, said: “College unlocked the door to a whole new world.

“Secondary school was so restrictive and GCSE exams got me down, so the freedom of coursework and classroom grading gave me life and a key to some university worthy qualifications.

“I began to realize that leaving the area could well be a possibility, and gained a place at University College Birmingham.

“While there I worked at Walt Disney World, and gained work experience with Virgin Atlantic Airways in New Jersey.

“Graduating with a 2.1 Honours Degree, I looked towards the big wide world once again, and soon found myself standing opened mouthed, gawping at the electrifying neon skyline along Shanghai’s city riverside, and working as an English teacher in Asia.

“I will be forever grateful for that first push  – Wolverhampton College was the making of me!”