Success Story: Former Travel student Emma Morgan

Former Travel student Emma Morgan


Former Travel student Emma Morgan is flying high as a member of cabin crew after securing a position with

The 22-year old said: “I really enjoyed college, especially hearing about the tutors’ personal experiences within the industry. It’s motivating knowing the different career paths available and being taught by those who have done them.

“The support offered by tutors has been incredible. No question was ever too much to answer and even after I left I’ve still been able to email and get an honest response which shows they really do care about our futures.

“Going to college built my confidence; being in a new environment, making new friends, and learning a different way of life from school all made for a great experience.

“The many trips we did, particularly the British Airways training centre visit, I’ll remember for years to come. Here we were treated like proper crew, learning what they expect of you and using emergency equipment such as the slides and rafts.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the City of Wolverhampton College to others.”


Former Travel student Emma Morgan

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