Success story: Health & Social Care student Morgan Cronsahw

Health & Social Care Student Morgan Cronshaw

16 Apr 2023
Morgan Cronshaw - H&SC L3
Morgan Cronshaw - H&SC L3

At just 16-years-old Morgan Cronshaw is half-way through the Level 3 certificate in health and social care, has completed a 75-hour work experience placement, been offered an apprenticeship and got a part-time job!

Morgan said: “I want to be a specialised midwife in the future but if I’d stopped at school to do health and social care I’d have had to do another two subjects at the same time and I knew that this wouldn’t be right for me.

“I’m really enjoying the course as everything I’m learning will be useful for my future career, and as it’s an assignment-based course it means that I haven’t got the added pressure of exams to study for.

As part of the course Morgan did a work experience placement in a local residential home and so impressed managers with her hard work and enthusiasm that they offered her an apprenticeship in her first week.

Morgan added: “I felt really proud to be offered the apprenticeship but when I said I wanted to continue with my full-time course at college they offered me her a part-time job instead!  I’m gaining lots of experience which will look good when I’m applying to university and I know I wouldn’t have been as good at the job if I hadn’t been doing the course.

“College is a relaxed environment in which to learn and the tutors are really supportive – I know I wouldn’t have been happy stopping on at school, coming to college was definitely the best choice for me!”

After completing the Level 3 certificate Morgan is planning to progress to the Level 3 technical diploma next year which will give her the grades she needs to apply to university to train as a midwife.