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Paulina Patzova – A levels


“I am enjoying the course very much and want to continue learning as much as I can,” said 30-year-old Paulina Patzova who’s in the second term of the first year of doing A-levels in chemistry, maths and physics. 

We first spoke to Paulina last term and were keen to find out how she’s progressing with her studies a few months later – here’s what she had to say: 

“The course is progressing well – it’s more challenging than the Access to A-levels programme which I did last year, but I feel like I’m benefitting a lot as it’s teaching me how to identify my strengths and weaknesses and where I need to improve, as well as be more precise, pay attention to detail, and use the correct terminology – all of which will be valuable in the future.  

“I’ve learnt how to work out probabilities, form a hypothesis, describe the forces of nature and their relationship, and I now understand ‘the magic’ of chemistry in more depth as well as the mechanics of the world around us. 

“At the start of each lesson we do a short revision session answering question about the topic we covered in the previous lesson and are assigned one piece of homework per subject per week, on top of any expected revision.  

“We have also been taking part in practical session which are not only essential to our understanding of theory but enable us to improve our scientific methods, put what we’ve learnt into practice and conduct experiments with greater precision and accuracy – and it’s fun and engaging too! 

 “In my mock exams I got a B in physics, C in chemistry and D in maths and although I was disappointed as I know I can do much better, it was a good experience and I will be able to take advantage of the feedback in future assessments and exams. 

“Although I was not pleased with my mock results it was a good experience and I will be able to advantage of it in future assessments/exams. Additionally, these skills are beneficial in education as well as everyday life. 

“My future plans haven’t changed since you last spoke to me – I want to continue studying science and do a degree in astrophysics so that I can contribute to exploring the universe and help create a brighter future for all of us.” 

Read what Paulina had to say about her first term here

A-level student Paulina Patzova, wearing a white lab coat, carrying out an experiment in the science lab

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