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A Level Chemistry

A Level Chemistry

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Study Mode: Full Time Programme Component Course Level: 3
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A Level Chemistry

Are you keen to learn more about what we and our world are made of, how they fit together, and how we can improve things, develop new materials for the future, help find new cures and push the boundaries of technology further? Do you enjoy analysing and solving problems? Do you want a rewarding and challenging career?

Then chemistry is right for you!

Chemistry happens all around us, it governs who we are. As you understand it more, you can appreciate how much every bit of our lives depends on simple chemical processes.

By taking chemistry you develop some very useful skills that can be applied well outside of the subject discipline; these include problem solving, numeracy, practical skills as well as developing a broad scientific background. As a result it's a highly respected and useful qualification for higher education and employment in a wide range of areas.

To access this course you are required to have:

  • Five or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including a minimum of grades 6,6 in double Science or 5 in Chemistry, C in English and 6 in maths
  • The required QoE score

During this course you will study:

  • Physical chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Practical skills

By studying this course you will:

  • Develop your understanding of chemical concepts and ideas
  • Learn how chemistry works and how it fits in with the other sciences
  • Develop an appreciation for the complexities, challenges and rewards of chemistry
  • Develop your confidence in dealing with unfamiliar problems, practical skills, team working skills and your analytical skills
  • Understand how chemistry is applied in most industries
  • Gain valuable team working and communication skills by taking part in group practicals, discussions and group assignments

This is an exam based course and you will sit two written exams for AS and three written papers for A Level.

The skills you will learn from this course will enable you to:

  • Pursue a career in a whole range of science related careers from laboratory work, research work to engineering, dentistry, pharmacy and medicine
  • Progress on to university to study for your chosen career, or seek employment


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