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A Level Politics

A Level Politics

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Study Mode: Full Time Programme Component Course Level: 3
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A Level Politics

Are you passionate about discovering how the government really works in Britain?

Are you interested in analysing events from the past and hoping to improve the future?

Are you keen to learn more about why people choose to vote, what the advantages and disadvantages are of first past the post and proportional representation, the impact of the Human Rights Act and European Court of Human Rights upon the British political system, the differences between Capitalism, Communism and Fascism and how it is possible for extremist governments to be voted into power?

If yes, then this is the right course for you!

A Level Government and Politics is an inter-disciplinary subject that brings together the study of history, economics, sociology and psychology. It is an exciting subject that encourages you to question how particular governments have come into power and chosen their particular policies. It is a well-respected subject and welcomed by all universities and employers in all career paths.

To access this course you are required to have:

  • Five or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English and maths
  • The required QoE score

During this course you will study:

  • Uk politics- political participation, democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media
  • Core political ideas Conservatism, liberalism, socialism
  • UK Government - the constitution, parliament, Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches
  •  Non-core political ideas- one idea from the following: anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism, nationalism 
  • Comparative politics - USA - The US Constitution and federalism, US Congress, US presidency, US Supreme Court and civil rights, democracy and participation, comparative theories.

By studying this course you will:

  • Develop your understanding of government and politics' intrinsic value and significance in society
  • Acquire an understanding of different identities within society and an appreciation of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through the study of all aspects of British and non-British politics
  • Acquire an understanding of relevant institutions, processes, political concepts, theories and debates
  • Develop the ability to ask relevant and significant questions about politics and to research them
  • Develop your confidence as an effective and independent learner with an ability to think critically and reflectively with an enquiring mind
  • Develop your use and understanding of political terms, concepts and skills
  • Improve your ability to make links and draw comparisons within and/or across different countries and their political systems
  • Improve your confidence in arguing a case and reaching substantiated judgments through organising and communication your political knowledge and understanding in different ways
  • Improve your research, analytical, critical reasoning, presentation, verbal and written skills
  • Gain valuable team working and communication skills by taking part in class debates and presentations

You will be assessed by examinations.

The skills you will learn from this course will enable you to:

  • Pursue a career in law, civil service, politics education, journalism, business, finance, intelligence work, publishing, archeology, museum work, heritage or the armed forces
  • Progress on to higher education, apprenticeships and employment


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