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Autocare Technician Apprenticeship Level 2

Autocare Technician Apprenticeship Level 2

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Study Mode: Full Time Programme Component Course Level: 2
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Autocare Technician Apprenticeship Level 2

An autocare technician carries out a range of services and repairs to cars, car derived vans and light goods vehicles, working in an autocare or 'fast-fit' centre, which may be part of a national chain or operated by a regional/local independent group/owner.  

They use a range of tools, measuring and diagnostic equipment to identify & repair simple system faults, and require a unique combination of technical, retail and customer service skills. 

They have to demonstrate expertise in the technical elements of their role and have a good grasp of the practical and theoretical aspects of the vehicle systems they service, as well as have excellent telephone, customer handling (including how to handle difficult customers and deal with customer disappointment) and effective sales skills, as well as strong problem solving and self-organisation skills.  

They must be able to work as part of a team but also operate independently, understand how their centre operates from a commercial perspective and how their actions contribute to business results, whilst maintaining a high standard of workmanship. 

A passion for motor vehicle, a willingness to learn and a commitment to a career in the industry 



Apprentices will develop knowledge and understanding of: 

  • Tyre legislation and technical information including EU tyre labelling, tyre pressure monitoring systems, sidewall markings, homologated fitments relating to cars, car derived vans and light goods vehicles. 

  • Fundamentals of specific vehicle systems including steering and suspension, and braking, battery, charging, exhaust and air conditioning systems 

  • Vehicle 4-wheel geometry principles 

  • Basic consumer legislation relevant to the occupation 

  • Appropriate health and safety legislation and requirements for the workplace 

  • Hybrid/electric vehicle system and safe working procedures 

  • Data protection requirements to protect customer and payment information 

  • General sales principles including, identifying customer & vehicle needs, presenting solutions, closing the sale and dealing with buying resistance 

  • How the business works and how you contribute to the overall results, demonstrating commercial awareness 

  • How to carry out vehicle safety inspections and routine maintenance using manufacturers specifications or approved schedules, using vehicle specific data and meeting legal requirements 

  • The importance of following workplace procedures and the consequences of not doing so 


Apprentices will gain skills enabling them to:  

  • Contribute to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, including the maintenance of key equipment and carrying out general housekeeping 

  • Carry out stock procedures including dealing with routine stock deliveries, placing stock into storage, carrying out stock rotation duties and ordering parts for customers following company procedures 

  • Carry out vehicle safety inspections and routine maintenance in line with manufactures specifications or approved schedules, company procedures and complete approved documentation. 

  • Make recommendations to customers based on the results of inspections, ensuring that sales recommendations are accurate and fully costed, ethical and in the best interests of the customer at all times, and using language that is transparent and avoids jargon. 

  • Carry out replacement/repair and balancing of a range of light vehicle tyres, including ultra-low profile, directional, asymmetric and run-flat tyres fitted to a range of wheel sizes and types 

  • Carry out the replacement of components on a specific range of vehicle systems including steering and suspension, and braking, battery, charging, exhaust and air conditioning systems 

  • Carry out 4-wheel Geometry operations including adjustments on a range of vehicles with different suspension and steering systems 

  • Use a range of specialist tools & equipment, mechanical & electrical measuring tools and diagnostic equipment to support fault identification and repair. 

  • Identify & procure correct parts to meet specific customer requirements 

  • Access vehicle technical data to inform inspections and make judgements on wear and serviceability. 

  • Deal with and resolve low-level customer complaints 

  • Communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and colleagues 

  • Use specific company IT systems within the workplace, including Point-of-sale systems and hand-held devices. 


Apprentices will demonstrate the following behaviours: 

  • Act in a manner that promotes the professional image of the automotive sector 

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues and customers on a range of topics including drawing out information to support identification of customer and vehicle needs, making clear recommendations to customers and overcoming objections/concerns. 

  • Behave in accordance with company values, industry codes of conduct and demonstrate respect for customers and colleagues. Be courteous at all times and respond quickly to requests or requirements using effective communication skills to win trust and ensure an excellent experience 

  • Work as an effective team member taking responsibility for their own actions, being honest and accountable when issues arise and things don't go as planned 

  • Commit to learning to improve your own performance and that of the business. Work in an organised way to ensure work is carried out in an effective and efficient manner. 


Throughout the programme the apprentice will receive expert training from highly qualified staff, A qualified assessor will provide an induction and regular workplace assessments 

Full-time employment in the sector 



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