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Maths Functional Skills

Maths Functional Skills

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Maths Functional Skills

Good maths skills are essential in all areas of your daily life, whether at home, at work, in educational settings or in your social life 

Whether you need to work out how much it'll cost to buy bus or train tickets, calculate how much your bills have gone up, or divide your annual salary to see how much you'll earn each month, you'll need maths skills to help you do it! 

And if you need to check you've been charged the right amount in a shop, check your change, compare the costs of two different items, work out how much it'll cost to share a taxi home with a friend or calculate how many more followers you've got than them, you'll need maths skills to do that too!   

In the workplace, employers will be looking for strong maths skills as they'll want to be confident that you'll order the right amount of supplies, use the right amount of materials for the job and charge customers the right amount for the service they receive. 

But maths isn't just about addition (adding), subtracting (taking away), multiplying  (times-ing) or dividing (sharing out) - you can use maths skills to analyse data, investigate statistics, measure shapes and spaces, work out ratios, percentages, proportions and fractions, and use formulae to work out more complex calculations. 

What's more, studying maths doesn't have to be boring like it was in school - you will learn in a practical way, applying your skills to a range of scenarios that you will encounter on a day-to-day basis and will work take part in group discussions, presentations and activities to enable you to continually use and improve your skills and confidence throughout the duration of the course. 

Also, did you know, that if you don't have maths at GCSE grade C/4 you can study this course for free?

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The Level 2 Maths Functional Skills is available either in college or online to enable you to fit studying around your other commitments. Please note: if you choose the online course you will need to attend college for an assessment before the course starts and to sit an exam at the end of the course. 


There are no entry requirements to undertake functional skills qualifications. However prior to starting the course you will be asked to attend an assessment to ensure that you are placed on the correct level course for you.

During this course you will study a range of modules to enable you to become more confident in the use of maths in your daily life, including: 

  • Understand and interpret mathematical language  
  • Number skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages 
  • Handling information and data eg graphs, charts, data trends  
  • Shape, space and measurement eg area, perimeter and volume 
  • Problem solving and decision-making 
  • Using a scientific calculator correctly and effectively 

By studying this course you will: 

  • Develop an appreciation for how maths relates to everyday life 
  • Develop your confidence in working with numbers 
  • Understand how maths skills are used in the workplace  
  • Gain confidence and develop your understanding of working with numbers 
  • Learn how interpret numbers and data 
  • Gain valuable team working and communication skills by taking part in group activities throughout the course 
  • Learn how to analyse and interpret numbers to solve mathematical problems 

You will be required to sit an exam before the end of your course.

Completion of the course will enable you to:

  • Progress to a range of other courses at the college use your English, Maths and ICT skills effectively in real situations
  • Get a job


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January 2024




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