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Progression to Work one year

Progression to Work one year

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Progression to Work one year

The Futures curriculum intent is to:   

  • Celebrate independence, employability and inclusion   

  • Ensure each young person has maximised opportunity to progress to independent adult lives   

  • Develop each individual's character so they're ready for their future, building upon their personal strengths and developing their core employability skills needed by our local economy 

The Progession to Work course is specifically aimed at young people who want to move into employment but need to build their skills, knowledge and self - confidence. Also, to support young people by equipping them with the skills they need for work, largely through learning in workplace environments.  

The Pathway to Work course will support students to:   

  • Develop their personal motivation, confidence and resilience   

  • Develop problem solving skills   

  • Gain an understanding of performance and behaviour required in the workplace   

  • Comply with workplace requirements such as time keeping, health and safety and positive working relationships  

  • Learn how to follow instructions and complete set tasks to a required standard    

  • Carry out new tasks as their confidence and ability increases  

Students will gain real work-related experience, with the intended aim of them moving into paid employment or to support progression to an alternative placement with a view to build their personal skills further and gain paid employment in future.   

Placements will be selected based on individual student's interests and career aspirations where possible.     

Throughout the programme students will develop their employability skills and gain valuable experience by working with local organisations.  

They will attend college to work towards Maths and English qualifications which meet their ability level. Students will gain transferable employability skills to enhance their likelihood of longer-term sustained employment. 

Students must have a strong willingness to be employed in the near future and the motivation to learn in a workplace environment and whilst at college.   

Ideally, they will have some employment-related experience and will have been assessed to show a basic level of employability-related skills in the following areas:    

  • Problem-solving and personal resilience   

  • Communication    

  • English and maths   

  • Working with others    

  • Working independently, following instructions and self-regulation   

  • Digital ICT skills 

At the start of the programme students will undertake an initial review which will inform the learning programme, assess their starting points and identify any gaps in learning. 

  • During the programme students will:   

  • Gain real work experience   

  • Have the support of the job coach  

  • Continue learning by attending college on at least two days per week    

  • Work towards Maths and English qualifications 

The Progression to Work course will enable students to:   

  • Develop their personal motivation, confidence and resilience   

  • Develop problem solving skills   

  • Gain an understanding of performance and behaviour required in the workplace   

  • Comply with workplace requirements such as time keeping and dress code   

  • Learn how to follow instructions and complete set tasks    

  • Carry out new tasks as their confidence and ability increases 

At the start of the programme students will have an initial review to assess their starting points, aspirations and personal goals, and will be assessed on an ongoing basis against their baselines.   


Tutors will agree targets with the student to enable them to work towards meeting any Educational, Health Care Plan outcomes that they might have. They will be assessed against a Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) framework and, along with parents/carers where appropriate, will meet with their tutor on a termly basis to review progress towards personal outcomes, and to look forward to advancing towards the next steps.    

Students will study qualifications in maths and English which may be internally or externally assessed. Such assessments will be considered when appropriate for each individual learner.  

Ongoing assessment by the job coaches will assess work skills.   

All students who access this programme will want to be employed at the end of the course of study and will be supported to get there.   

Completion of the programme will enable students to:  

  • Progress to a Supported Internship 

  • Apply for an Inclusive Apprenticeship or traineeship  

  • Develop the skills to progress to employment in a preferred industry  

  • Carry out voluntary work   

Staff at the college will work with families, Local Authority representatives and other professionals working with the student to enable them to make informed choices about their future. Also information, advice and guidance will be provided during the course to support students to understand the steppings stones which will support them to achieve their goals.    

Please note; Once the Supported Internship programme has finished, should an employment placement be acquired the EHCP plan will cease.    

The programme is taught in small groups (between 6-10 learners) with at least one specialist tutor and one learning support assistant always present in the classroom.    

Dependent on the individual level of need support can include:   

  • Dedicated support worker providing one-to-one support at all times   

  • Assistance from support workers during breaks and lunchtimes   

  • Personal support to keep vulnerable young people safe during breaks and lunchtimes  

  • Assistance in the classroom - eg with reading or the use of communication aids  

  • Personal care if required  

By joining us, students can play a part in shaping the Futures community alongside like-minded people. They will be able to play a key role within our positive environment which is founded upon high aspirations of success, independence and employability.  

We will give them the skills and opportunities to progress towards the next step of their journey as they progress towards adulthood.  


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