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Maths GCSE

Maths GCSE

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Maths GCSE

Whether you want to do a college course to give you the skills you need for your future career, study for a higher education qualification, progress to university, apply for a job or own your own business in the future, a good understanding of maths is essential. 

GCSE maths is widely recognised by employers as the qualification they look for when recruiting staff - in fact they often ask for a specific grade on job descriptions - so a good grade could be the difference between you getting the job over someone else.  

And, whilst a maths qualification demonstrates that you have an ability to calculate, it also shows that you have a high level of problem-solving skills, can analyse data, have good communication skills, can think logically and have good attention to detail. 

By studying GCSE maths you will not only improve your mathematical knowledge and skills but also learn how to apply a range of mathematical techniques in day-to-day situations that you may encounter at college or university, when working in your chosen career and in your social life too. 

Whilst you may not think you'll need to know about everything the course covers, lots of maths topics overlap so you may be surprised - and with the world becoming more and more digital and the reliance on computers and technology increasing every day there will be an even greater need for employees with effective mathematical skills.  

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Please note: you can also study this course online

To access this course you are required to have:

  • A previous GCSE, preferably grade D for the resit course
  • An assessment is given prior to starting the course to ensure that this is the right course for you

During this course you will study: 

  • Calculations, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication 
  • Fractions, ratios percentages and decimals 
  • Geometry, measurement, and accuracy 
  • Algebra 
  • Sequences and graphs 
  • Probability and statistics

Studying GCSE Maths will enable you to: 

  • Develop accurate mathematical skills 
  • Apply mathematical techniques in a range of situations 
  • Respond to questions with considered and informed answers 
  • Develop your problem-solving skills.
  • In the workplace required skills

Assessments are ongoing throughout the year with final exam at the end.

The skills you will learn from this course will enable you to:

  • Progress on to a range of courses within the college
  • Go into employment


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